SEI Unisa in South Korea for ICSB Academy

Innovation, future, cultural exchange and team working are just some of the concepts that accompanied the SEIUNISA Innovators ‘ (a program implemented by UNISA Foundation and University of Salerno) training trip to South Korea.

Spurred on by the experiences of the founders of the largest Korean companies such as Samsung, LG and GS, the students immersed themselves with dedication and curiosity in the study and discussion activities at theICSB Academy, delving into the concept of K-Entrepreneurship and discovering the different ways of understanding entrepreneurship depending on the country in which you operate.

After visiting Sungshin University in Seoul and the K-Entrepreneurship Center in Jinju, the Innovators attended a K-startup exhibition at the KFJ Convention Center in Gwangju touching base with the region’s entrepreneurial and university ecosystem.

They then moved to the Gwangju Content Cube, where they experienced firsthand the grandeur of cutting-edge technologies such as facial capture and motion capture.

Every moment was constructive and valuable for broadening one’s horizons and challenging oneself. A great opportunity was the chance to constantly work in multidisciplinary and multicultural teams in the development of their business idea presented at the concluding Pitch Competition of that Korean experience.

7 teams and lots of students from the U.S., Germany, Italy, Indonesia and Korea came together to propose their vision and idea of innovation, and SEIUNISA returned home with great successes in its suitcase. The winner, in fact, was the group with SEIUNISA Innovators Teresa Abbagnale, Gaetano De Rosa and Mario Saporoso with “Nutrineeds – Food fit for you.”

An educational and surprising journey from which to invest in one’s land.
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