Seize the new challenges
Of innovation and entrepreneurship

UNISA STUDENT ENTREPRENEURSHIP & INNOVATION – SEIUNISA is a Program supported and funded by the University of Salerno and managed by the University of Salerno Foundation.

SEIUNISA is committed to promoting a culture of innovation, inspiring and supporting Salerno University students in transforming their ideas into entrepreneurial realities. Through a vibrant collaborative ecosystem, we aim to become the catalyst that drives students to explore their entrepreneurial potential and turn challenges into opportunities.

Our Mission

At SEIUNISA, we are committed to cultivating emerging talent and innovation among Salerno University students. Our mission is to create an environment where ideas thrive by connecting students from all degree programs and providing them with the resources they need to turn their projects into successful businesses.

Our Vision

We look to the future with a vision of a university campus where entrepreneurship is an essential component of the student experience. We want to be the springboard for creative minds, enabling them to realize their entrepreneurial potential and contribute to global innovation.

SEIUNISA activities.

At SEIUNISA, we believe in learning through action and exploring the opportunities that innovation and entrepreneurship can offer.

  • Ecosystem Creation:

We collaborate with international partners to create an ecosystem rich in opportunities and global connections. This network offers students access to a variety of resources, from career counseling to corporate partnerships.

  • Training Activities:

We offer a wide range of training activities, including methodological workshops, technology workshops and inspirational workshops. Our goal is to provide students with the tools and skills needed to turn their creativity into successful entrepreneurial projects.

  • Personalized Mentoring:

Our team of evangelists, comprised of innovators, entrepreneurs and professionals from the SEIUNISA ecosystem, provides customized mentoring to guide students through the process of developing and launching their startups.

  • Pitch Competition:

We support the growth of entrepreneurial ideas through pitch competitions, offering students the opportunity to present their ideas to a panel of experts and the SEIUNISA ecosystem.

  • Economic Support:

We provide financial support to student start-ups to help them overcome early challenges and turn their visions into successful entrepreneurial realities.

  • Coworking Space:

SEIUNISA offers a coworking space where students can collaborate, share ideas and work together to pursue their own entrepreneurial projects.