Prof. KI Chan Kim

Professor of Management at Catholic School of Korea

Dr. Ki-Chan Kim is Professor of Management at the Catholic School of Korea. He teaches various business administration paths such as Human Entrepreneurship, Platform Strategy and Korea Management (K-Management). He has served as vice chancellor of the university and, before that, was dean of the Business School. He has advised numerous startups, SMEs and more established companies such as Samsung Electronics and Hyundai Motors. He continues to advise these companies to achieve a sustainable business model and ecosystem. He believes that with the right human partnership model, the company will attract the most skilled workers, which will bring longevity to the industry. In addition, Prof. Kim envisions a world in which SMEs and established companies work in partnership. Dr. Kim’s most recent publication, “The Joy of Innovation (2019)” was selected as the National Book Award of South Korea, King Sejong Book Collection 2020.