SEIUNISA project presented

Presented this week at the Athenaeum the SEIUNISA – Student Entrepreneurship & Innovation Unisa project. With the meeting titled “Between the Culture and Practice of Innovation: the University’s Role in Young People’s Entrepreneurial Development,” the “Student Entrepreneurship & Innovation” project aimed at supporting and promoting the paths of self-entrepreneurship, creativity and innovation expressed by the University’s student and graduate community officially kicked off.

The meeting was opened by speeches from Magnifico Rector Vincenzo Loia, Unisa Foundation President Antonio Piccolo, and Dean’s Delegate for Student Entrepreneurship Roberto Parente.

“It is a very original initiative that sees the University of Salerno among the first universities to respond to this need of young people,” said Rector Loia, “We want to offer concrete opportunities and put in place actions that can give the student the right space for creativity and expression, also thanks to the million euros made available by the University.

“This project was born from an idea,” commented Professor Antonio Piccolo, “Young people are carriers of innovation. That is why the Athenaeum wanted to invest in them, offering them this great opportunity. Thanks to dedicated scholarships, young people will have the opportunity to train, confront the world of entrepreneurship and choose the best path to materialize their business idea.”

This was followed by the speech of Prof. Parente, who emphasized the goals and potential of the SEIUNISA project, “We will raise the creativity, the desire to do and to change the world of young people. This is the vision of this project, in which we will provide young people with all the facilities and all the possibilities to realize their creative and innovative potential.”

Finally, speeches by scholars, experts and corporate executives involved in industry and technology: Ernesto Ciorra, Chief Innovability Officer of Enel; Gian Luca Comandini, serial entrepreneur and technology popularizer; Riccardo Carnevale, CEO Startcom; and finally, in connection, Felipe Gárate, Head of Design Factory Global Network.

“My career path teaches us to be humble, hungry, without being afraid,” Ernesto Ciorra recounted, “Innovation is not the result of chance but of a system that is also capable of intercepting the ideas of young people. The cultural barrier is the most difficult to overcome, but once overcome everything becomes easier.”